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Casa Noticias Noticias de la compañía LEELEN was awarded the "Recommended Product of Green & Energy-Saving"

LEELEN was awarded the "Recommended Product of Green & Energy-Saving"

  • June 01, 2021

Recently, after the review and evaluation by the Expert Committee of Green Building Energy-saving Products of China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, the LEELEN Building (visual) intercom system met relevant requirements and was formally recognized as the "Recommended Product of Green & Energy-saving".

China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, established in October 1979, is a national and professional social organization formed by units, groups and individuals engaged in engineering construction standardization activities voluntarily. It is a non-profit registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs with legal personality. Sexual social organizations are an important part of my country's bidding for engineering construction products.

Green building is to save resources, protect the environment and reduce pollution to the greatest extent during the life of the building, and provide people with healthy, applicable and efficient use of space. It is a building that coexists in harmony with nature. The selection of recommended products for green building energy conservation has strict requirements on product efficacy, design, and development. This time, LEELEN was awarded the "Recommended Product for Green Building Energy Saving" again, marking the affirmation of consumers and the organizer of LEELEN's low-carbon and environmental protection.

LEELEN has always adhered to green innovation and created "safe, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and high-quality" products and platforms. In the future, LEELEN will continue to explore the application of green energy-saving innovative product technologies in engineering construction, and lay a solid foundation for the in-depth advancement of the national engineering construction standardization cause.

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