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LEELEN and Vanke Jointly Create a Model of Smart Human Settlements

  • June 01, 2021

Recently, LEELEN and Vanke formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, becoming the only video intercom brand in the country that has reached strategic cooperation with Top4 real estate developers (Hengda, Country Garden, Vanke, Sunac). In the future, the two parties will complement each other on the basis of a strategic partnership, promote comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation, and provide owners with better intelligent life services from a broader perspective.

Founded in 1984, Vanke has become one of the largest residential development companies in China after more than 30 years of development. In 2016, the company entered the Fortune Global 500 for the first time, ranking 356th on the list. In 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, the company has been on the list successively, ranking 307th, 332th and 332th on the list respectively. 254th and 208th. As the country's first real estate company with annual sales exceeding 100 billion yuan, Vanke insists on carefully selecting for owners, striving to create smart homes and safe communities, and always adheres to the principle of boutique strategy and top-level configuration for its projects.

Founded in 1992, LEELEN is a leading company in the intercom industry in China. It has rich experience in product development, manufacturing, quality control, sales and service. It has 30 million user groups in China and more than 20% of the market share. Since 2010, LEELEN has been the top 100 real estate suppliers of choice for many consecutive years. The strategic cooperation between LEELEN and China Vanke is another real estate giant after Evergrande, Sunac, and Country Garden. This is a strong proof of the high recognition of LEELEN's products and brands in the real estate industry.

At the beginning of its establishment, LEELEN put forward the corporate mission of “Let people live in a five-star home”. With the help of new generation technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and AI, Industry-university-research cooperation strategy, cooperation with technology platform companies and other methods to promote technology research and development and innovation.

For this cooperation, the visual intercom system developed and produced by LEELEN's self-research and innovation was selected. LEELEN's intelligent terminal products adopt a multi-MIC array and a deeply optimized acoustic model structure to successfully realize the functions of long-distance speech recognition and sound source localization, leading the industry. LEELEN's face access control products are the best in the dynamic recognition and testing industry under the support of the cooperative head companies and their own technology.

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